A Poinsettia is not just for Christmas!

Year round Poinsettia - Cottonbuds Florists
Year round Poinsettia – Cottonbuds Florists

A poinsettia plant is a popular Christmas gift due to it being a winter blooming plant. But there’s no reason to get rid of it after Christmas. With the correct care, you can keep it all year round.

During the Christmas period, keep it close to a window, allowing it to get as much winter sun as possible, and make sure the temperature doesn’t drop below around 19-20 c. The plant should be watered thoroughly when it feels dry and should be sprayed with a water mist daily.

What about through the rest of the year?

Up until the end of March, mist it and treat just as you did over Christmas

By the time you get into April, reduce the amount of watering, allowing it to get a little drier and after a few weeks, move it to a cooler spot in the home

In May time, trim the plant back to less than 6inches above the soil level and re-pot it into a slightly larger container, adding some slow release fertiliser and place it back in a warmer sunnier spot, misting it daily.

Come June, you can move your poinsettia outside into a sunny location and after a month or so, trim back the stems by a couple of centimetres to encourage it to become bushy

For late summer ensure it is regularly watered and misted. Bring it back inside come October.

To encourage the development of buds, move the plant to a totally dark area from early evening until morning, move it back to a sunny spot during the day

By November, you can stop the overnight darkness treatment and leave it in a warm sunny spot in the house.

Continue watering and misting and your Poinsettia should bloom again for Christmas

Article by Northampton Florists Cottonbuds.

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