Buzzing Bees

Caffeinated flowers - Cottonbuds Florists Northampton[t
Caffeinated flowers – Cottonbuds Florists Northampton[t
A recent research paper from the University of Newcastle has proven that bees are more likely to re-visit flowers which have a higher concentration of caffeine in the pollen. Regular re-visits by bees are particularly important to flowers  as the chance of pollination is of course increased

The increased caffeine content in the pollen behaves like a drug and encourages the bees to return to the flower. Certain plant species naturally produce caffeine, examples include Grapefruits Mandarins and, unsurprisingly, Coffee Plants.

The caffeine levels levels in these plants is naturally limited, the reason being that excessive caffeine would create nectar with  a bitter taste which would discourage the bees.

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