Why Travertine?

Tumbled Travertine from Tub Bathrooms Bedford

So what exactly is Travertine? Travertine is actually a type of Limestone (not Marble, as many people think). It comes naturally in a range of very autumnal creams through to reddish colours. These colours are caused by iron and other impurities in the material as it forms When fitted, it has a very natural, textured look due to slight colour and pattern variations

You’ll often know it’s Travertine because the surface is generally pitted on the surface, the result of bubbles forming in the material as it was formed; though these puts can be polished out.

People often use Travertine in bathroom  floor tiling applications, but there are also quite suitable for walls, however, wherever they are used, they need to be sealed once they are installed, because the surface is porous. You’ll notice that Travertine feels softer under foot than other limestones (including Marble; Yes, that’s a Limestone too) so it gives a warm luxurious feel

The colour and texture of Travertine make it a little more subdued than Marble, but for a sense of style and warmth, it is unbeatable.

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Bathrooms – What’s Hot for 2018

Bathroom trends 2018


According to industry watchers, here are a few of the trends that will be finding their way into modern bathrooms in 2018. Here are the thoughts of Milton Keynes bathroom Installers, Tub Bathrooms

Large Natural Stone Tiles

Walls and floors are likely to be clad with larger format tiles using natural stone. The material provides a warm luxurious feel and reduces cleaning due to the reduced amount of grouting required

Rainfall Style Shower heads

They’re a little more expensive than a traditional shower head, but they can look great and feel really luxurious to use. They are already popular and look set to become even more so.

Statement Colour walls

Strong colours in the bathroom are becoming very popular. They make a real statement and complement lighter colour bathroom suites and bright-work. Dark green and Navy blue work particularly well.

Industrial Aesthetic Lighting

We’ve mentioned this before. Obviously your bathroom may work best with soft or concealed lighting, but if you are seeking a more robust feel, industrial style lighting coupled with a metro style tile could give it to you.

Tech in the bathrooms

We’ll see more and more of this. Sensor operated taps, digitally controlled lighting and shower temperature and multi-function toilets. There is an ever growing list of technology options to choose from

Warm metal fittings

Forget chrome for a moment, if you want to step away from the crowd, there is a good choice of options for taps, accessories and handles including brass, bronze, nickel and copper

Going Green

Plants can do really well in a bathroom. They are decorative as well as relaxing to have around. Make as big or as small a splash as you want to complement your decor. Make sure that you choose the correct plant by doing a little research. Aloe and Spider plants are a good choice.


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17 Point Cleaning Plan

Bathroom Cleaning from Tub Bathrooms Milton Keynes
Bathroom Cleaning from Tub Bathrooms Milton Keynes

Let’s face it, cleaning the bathroom is not very high on most peoples’ list of enjoyable things to do. Of course, if you have a small bathroom, en-suite, cloakroom or wet-room to clean, it’s a little easier, but with a family bathroom that’s in constant use, it can be a real chore. Having some sort of method to the way you go about cleaning, and this apples to the kitchen as well, is essential. By giving a little thought to the way you clean, and particularly to the order in which you clean can really pay dividends.

We spoke to Milton Keynes Bathroom Installers, Tub Bathrooms, and they pointed us to a 17 point cleaning plan to help get bathroom (and kitchen) cleaning done really effectively. Check out this article on their website

Beautiful Bathroom

Luxury bathroom : Tub Bathrooms Bedford
Luxury bathroom : Tub Bathrooms Bedford

Most people would probably agree that the bathroom and kitchen are two of the most important rooms in the house.  A family bathroom needs to be functional, but it can also be beautiful. Whether you’ve opted for a budget or a bespoke new bathroom,  or you are just looking to brighten yours up,  there are ways to make the very best of the space and money available. We’ll be looking at some of those ideas over the coming weeks and attempting to give you some inspiration.

We’re starting with a few images of Inspirational bathrooms, many will be beyond reach, but styling cues can be used to inspire elements of our own bathrooms, even if they are more modest. The image shown here is of a fabulous city centre apartment bathroom with views across town. This was provided to us by bathroom installation specialists,  Tub Bathrooms  of Bedford