Lap Panel Fencing

lap panel fencing from Osborns
Lap panel fencing from Osborn Fencing Milton Keynes

Planning a new fence? One of the simplest types of fence for the DIY  types is the Lap Panel variety. Ready made and straightforward to fit, they come in a huge variety of styles. Osborn Fencing of Milton Keynes explain more about lap panel fencing and what to look out for. Follow this link to read about lap panel fencing.

Why Travertine?

Tumbled Travertine from Tub Bathrooms Bedford

So what exactly is Travertine? Travertine is actually a type of Limestone (not Marble, as many people think). It comes naturally in a range of very autumnal creams through to reddish colours. These colours are caused by iron and other impurities in the material as it forms When fitted, it has a very natural, textured look due to slight colour and pattern variations

You’ll often know it’s Travertine because the surface is generally pitted on the surface, the result of bubbles forming in the material as it was formed; though these puts can be polished out.

People often use Travertine in bathroom  floor tiling applications, but there are also quite suitable for walls, however, wherever they are used, they need to be sealed once they are installed, because the surface is porous. You’ll notice that Travertine feels softer under foot than other limestones (including Marble; Yes, that’s a Limestone too) so it gives a warm luxurious feel

The colour and texture of Travertine make it a little more subdued than Marble, but for a sense of style and warmth, it is unbeatable.

This article was provided by Tub Bathrooms,  professional bathroom installation in Bedford

Fencing for your garden

Lap Panel fencing from Osborns

There are many types of fencing suitable for the garden, we take a quick look at one of the most popular types of fencing which is Lap Panel.

The panels are generally made up of a frame containing horizontal boards. Whilst they are not quite as sturdy as close board fencing, they tend to be cheaper and much simpler to install.

For a full description of lap Panel fencing and how to install it, visit this article by Osborn Fencing on Milton Keynes

Multitools for DIY

Multi-tool shark-blades
Multi-tool shark-blades

Most of us are not lucky enough to have a skilled tradesman living under the roof, so we have to resort to DIY when we want a shelf erecting. Because of that I want to share with a tip I received from a pro. Get yourself a multi-tool and buy some blades to fit.

So, what is a multi-tool?  Well, multi-tools are made by lots of leading manufacturers such as Bosch, Makita, De-Walt and Ryobi, and also by some more specialised companies such as Fein, and Sonicrafter. A multi-tool has an oscillating head which moves back and forth about 300 times per second, providing a sawing motion. The tools come with a variety of blades and sanders so that you can tackle a wide range of tasks with a single tool that’s not too expensive to buy. The fine movement allows you to be quite precise in what you are doing, so they are an ideal tool for lots of different occasions.

Replacement blades can be a little expensive, if you choose those from the original equipment manufacturer, but, and here’s another tip, they can be bought quite cheaply online if you use a specialist replacement multi-tool blade supplier such as Shark Blades

So what sort of jobs can you use a multi-tool for?

  • You can sand down wood
  • You can cut wood
  • You can cut copper plumbing pipes
  • You can remove old and blistered paint
  • You can cut skirting boards
  • You can cut plasterboard
  • You can remove grouting
  • You can remove adhesives from surfaces
  • You can trim door casings
  • You can grind mortar and flagstones
  • You can remove caulking


All in all, it’s a jack of all tools and if you are a DIY type, do the same as the professionals and get yourself a multi-tool