Making Space In the Bathroom

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Lack of space can be a real problem in modern bathrooms. Obviously we can’t easily increase the size of our bathrooms so we need to look for hidden opportunities to find more space. This time we’ll deal with bathroom mirror cabinets

If you have a mirror, consider replacing it with a mirrored bathroom cabinet. Fitting a slimline design, will mean you still have your mirror, but you also have space for a lot of bits and pieces that would otherwise use up valuable bathroom space. If you can, choose one with sliding mirrors, it will help with space saving

An added advantage of the cabinet is that you can keep delicate items out of the way, and well away from the hands of toddlers

When choosing your cabinet, go for the largest one that will fit the available space, but beware, it will need a strong wall fixing. If you are attaching it to a partition wall, you will not be able to get the strength of fixing you may need for a very heavy cabinet

Take a good look at the interior shelves, ideally they will be movable which will allow you to set the height to allow storage of taller bottles, otherwise you may find yourself limited on what you can store.

Design is of course entirely subjective; you need to find the style of cabinet which suits you and suits your existing décor. You may even want to consider one with Hollywood style lighting all around, an absolute boon for applying make up. Bear in mind though, if it includes lighting, it will need to be professionally installed due to electrical regulations

When it comes time to fit that bathroom cabinet, don’t forget, measure twice, cut once as a tradesman would say. Before you start drilling, make sure you have decided exactly where it will go, that it will fit, and that there are no obstructions preventing you from drilling safely. If it is to go on a partition wall, make sure it is hung using specialist hollow wall plugs, after ll, you don’t want it dropping on your feet!

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