Buzzing Bees

Caffeinated flowers - Cottonbuds Florists Northampton[t
Caffeinated flowers – Cottonbuds Florists Northampton[t
A recent research paper from the University of Newcastle has proven that bees are more likely to re-visit flowers which have a higher concentration of caffeine in the pollen. Regular re-visits by bees are particularly important to flowers  as the chance of pollination is of course increased

The increased caffeine content in the pollen behaves like a drug and encourages the bees to return to the flower. Certain plant species naturally produce caffeine, examples include Grapefruits Mandarins and, unsurprisingly, Coffee Plants.

The caffeine levels levels in these plants is naturally limited, the reason being that excessive caffeine would create nectar with  a bitter taste which would discourage the bees.

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Tulips for Lunch

Tulips from Cottonbuds Florists Northampton
Tulips from Cottonbuds Florists Northampton

Tulips are a great favourite, and of course you can buy Tulips at Cottonbuds Florists, but you may not know that in the past, Tulips were valued more greatly than gold in The Netherlands, natal home of the Tulip. There was, in fact, a time during the second world war when a shortage of food meant that the Tulip bulb was regularly eaten by the Dutch people, using recipes published by the Netherlands Government. Apparently, Tulip bulbs can be used as a substitute for onions in recipes, though we’re happy just admiring the flower

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Which Flowers to Give?

Which flowers to give - Cottonbuds Florists
Which flowers to give – Cottonbuds Florists

Did you know that certain flowers are associated with months of the year, for example.  if someone’s birthday is in July, their birthday flower is the Airy and Graceful Larkspur which symbolises Lightness and Humour.  To learn more about which flower is associated with each month of the year, take a look at this article by Cottonbuds, Northampton Florists. You can buy flowers in Northampton from Cottonbuds Florists.


Muted Wedding Flowers

We have a wedding coming up soon in our household so there has been a great deal of talk about wedding flowers, how many, what types and what colours. We had a long discussion with our local flower shop,  Cottonbuds Florists in Northampton, and they told us that here was a real trend towards soft colours in flower bouquets for the big day.

They were kind enough to show us images of a whole range of flowers they’ve arranged for recent weddings (the slideshow above shows them in all their glory) and you can see just how beautiful they look with flowers of all types in muted colours such as Lavender, Peach, Rose, Cream and Mocha. The dreamy soft colours work beautifully against the dark green of the stems and leaves.

I guess they won’t be everyone’s choice, but we love them. Perhaps they’ll give you some inspiration if you have a wedding in the family