Caring for Laminate Worktops

laminate worktop by Build My Kitchen
laminate worktop by Build My Kitchen

The surface of your laminate worktop is water resistant, however, the core material and adhesive used in the construction, won’t be. When your kitchen worktop was fitted, the joints, edges and cuts-outs for sinks etc. should have been adequately sealed to protect them.

You should plan to wipe down and dry your worktops on a regular basis to avoid moisture getting into any of the joints or down any edges or cut out areas.

Whilst your laminate work surface should be heat resistant you should always place a trivet or suitable place mat or cutting board on your work-surface before setting down pans which have come direct from the oven or hob. If you don’t do this, you increase the Chance of the surface lamination lifting. If you are a smoker, don’t rest lit cigarettes on the counter as they will discolour it.

Though laminated worktops are very resistant to normal wear and tear, it is quite possible to scratch the surfaces so don’t chop your vegetables directly on the top, use a chopping board.

Laminated work-surfaces are fairly resistant to most chemicals around the house, but you do need to take care. In particular watch out for strongly coloured foods such as beetroot which may cause discolouration, also, avoid using bleach directly on the surface.

Clean your worktop regularly cleaning using warm water and a mild detergent and where necessary, a non-abrasive cleaner. Don’t use scouring powders, bleach products, oven cleaners or abrasive pads.

Article provided by Milton Keynes Kitchen Installers, Build My Kitchen

Comtemporary Kitchen in Milton Keynes

Contemporary kitchen from Build My Kitchen M
Contemporary kitchen from Build My Kitchen MK

The customer, based near Milton Keynes, wanted a modern, contemporary Kitchen in an open plan style to help make their kitchen the focal point of their home.  Two rooms were knocked through and a large extension  added.  This created a property with a social and multi-functional living space.  The clients wanted the kitchen to have an inviting feel and one that was not too stark.  Modern Cashmere gloss cabinetry was chosen for its modern contemporary feel,  and this was complemented by a composite tri-stone worktop to add warmth to the scheme. A versatile centre island was incorporated to provide lots of helpful storage space, in addition to adding a social focal point of the design.

Article by Milton Keynes based Kitchen suppliers, Build My Kitchen

Why Travertine?

Tumbled Travertine from Tub Bathrooms Bedford

So what exactly is Travertine? Travertine is actually a type of Limestone (not Marble, as many people think). It comes naturally in a range of very autumnal creams through to reddish colours. These colours are caused by iron and other impurities in the material as it forms When fitted, it has a very natural, textured look due to slight colour and pattern variations

You’ll often know it’s Travertine because the surface is generally pitted on the surface, the result of bubbles forming in the material as it was formed; though these puts can be polished out.

People often use Travertine in bathroom  floor tiling applications, but there are also quite suitable for walls, however, wherever they are used, they need to be sealed once they are installed, because the surface is porous. You’ll notice that Travertine feels softer under foot than other limestones (including Marble; Yes, that’s a Limestone too) so it gives a warm luxurious feel

The colour and texture of Travertine make it a little more subdued than Marble, but for a sense of style and warmth, it is unbeatable.

This article was provided by Tub Bathrooms,  professional bathroom installation in Bedford

Cupboard Door Adjustment

Kitchen cabinet Hinge - Build My Kitchen
Kitchen cabinet Hinge – Build My Kitchen

How often have you found one of the doors on your kitchen cabinets no quite closing correctly? Even luxury kitchens suffer from this type of problem and you maybe don’t want to ask a local kitchen installer to come around just to adjust you doors, you just want to tweak them yourself. Well here’s how.

When you take a look at the hinges on a kitchen cabinet, they are pretty complicated with 4 or 5 adjustment points on each door. If you start adjusting screws without understanding what effect each has, you will definitely end up making things worse. Now, I’m no expert so I went looking for a guide on the adjustment of kitchen cabinet doors and found a superb article on the website of Milton Keynes based bespoke kitchen Installer, Build My Kitchen.

The guide is comprehensive and includes pictures, so if a dummy like me can make the adjustments (and I did), i’m sure it will be helpful to you

Here’s the link

17 Point Cleaning Plan

Bathroom Cleaning from Tub Bathrooms Milton Keynes
Bathroom Cleaning from Tub Bathrooms Milton Keynes

Let’s face it, cleaning the bathroom is not very high on most peoples’ list of enjoyable things to do. Of course, if you have a small bathroom, en-suite, cloakroom or wet-room to clean, it’s a little easier, but with a family bathroom that’s in constant use, it can be a real chore. Having some sort of method to the way you go about cleaning, and this apples to the kitchen as well, is essential. By giving a little thought to the way you clean, and particularly to the order in which you clean can really pay dividends.

We spoke to Milton Keynes Bathroom Installers, Tub Bathrooms, and they pointed us to a 17 point cleaning plan to help get bathroom (and kitchen) cleaning done really effectively. Check out this article on their website