Cupboard Door Adjustment

Kitchen cabinet Hinge - Build My Kitchen
Kitchen cabinet Hinge – Build My Kitchen

How often have you found one of the doors on your kitchen cabinets no quite closing correctly? Even luxury kitchens suffer from this type of problem and you maybe don’t want to ask a local kitchen installer to come around just to adjust you doors, you just want to tweak them yourself. Well here’s how.

When you take a look at the hinges on a kitchen cabinet, they are pretty complicated with 4 or 5 adjustment points on each door. If you start adjusting screws without understanding what effect each has, you will definitely end up making things worse. Now, I’m no expert so I went looking for a guide on the adjustment of kitchen cabinet doors and found a superb article on the website of Milton Keynes based bespoke kitchen Installer, Build My Kitchen.

The guide is comprehensive and includes pictures, so if a dummy like me can make the adjustments (and I did), i’m sure it will be helpful to you

Here’s the link

Multitools for DIY

Multi-tool shark-blades
Multi-tool shark-blades

Most of us are not lucky enough to have a skilled tradesman living under the roof, so we have to resort to DIY when we want a shelf erecting. Because of that I want to share with a tip I received from a pro. Get yourself a multi-tool and buy some blades to fit.

So, what is a multi-tool?  Well, multi-tools are made by lots of leading manufacturers such as Bosch, Makita, De-Walt and Ryobi, and also by some more specialised companies such as Fein, and Sonicrafter. A multi-tool has an oscillating head which moves back and forth about 300 times per second, providing a sawing motion. The tools come with a variety of blades and sanders so that you can tackle a wide range of tasks with a single tool that’s not too expensive to buy. The fine movement allows you to be quite precise in what you are doing, so they are an ideal tool for lots of different occasions.

Replacement blades can be a little expensive, if you choose those from the original equipment manufacturer, but, and here’s another tip, they can be bought quite cheaply online if you use a specialist replacement multi-tool blade supplier such as Shark Blades

So what sort of jobs can you use a multi-tool for?

  • You can sand down wood
  • You can cut wood
  • You can cut copper plumbing pipes
  • You can remove old and blistered paint
  • You can cut skirting boards
  • You can cut plasterboard
  • You can remove grouting
  • You can remove adhesives from surfaces
  • You can trim door casings
  • You can grind mortar and flagstones
  • You can remove caulking


All in all, it’s a jack of all tools and if you are a DIY type, do the same as the professionals and get yourself a multi-tool

Invisible Worksurface Repair

Kitchen worksurface repair : Surface Wizard
Kitchen worksurface repair : Surface Wizard

No matter how hard you try to keep your home looking good, accidents will happen. We had a new kitchen fitted last year, and within 2 months, a piece of furniture in the process of being moved, had crashed down against a work-surface leaving a gash in two places. Having just forked out a great deal of money on the kitchen, we were in no mood to have a kitchen work-surface ripped out and replaced particularly as it was the surface containing a sink and a hob. So what to do?  A friend put on to a company in Luton called Surface Wizard who can evidently make invisible repairs to damaged surfaces just about anywhere in the home.

We were skeptical at first, but we had very little to lose so we invited them in to the home. They spent a few hours  on a Wednesday morning, working on the gashes, and then they showed us the result. To my astonishment, I could actually not see what part of the work-surface they had repaired. That’s how effective the process is. It was actually quite inexpensive, and most importantly, it was non-invasive. Nothing had to be dismantled or removed, they did the work on the worktop, in-situ.

Surface Wizard tell us that the process can be carried out on almost any damaged surface around the home.