Localised security

Deadbolt from Rocket Locksmith

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When we are away from home, even during the day, our homes can be at risk from break-in.

We’ve spoken many times about the need to secure the home, and there are many inexpensive ways to fool and deter would be burglars by taking steps in and around the home. Most of those steps, however, involve preventing entry into the home, however, it’s worth considering some localised security.

When someone breaks into the home, it can be a very unpleasant experience, and many people report feeling violated by what has happened. Often, this effect on your well-being can be one of the costliest outcomes of the event, however, it can often lead to the loss of valuables which can never be replaced, or for which you receive an inadequate payout from your insurers (if you have insurers).

It is worth considering another approach to help prevent the financial loss, and we would suggest localised security. When you are away from home, consider keeping your valuables in one particular upstairs room of the house, and have a quality deadlock fitted to the door of that room. Yes, a deadlock on an interior door.

Because your upstairs rooms are more inaccessible, they can only feasibly be broken into from inside the house (unless the burglar is bringing a ladder, which is unlikely). If you have a deadlock fitted, the burglar is probably going to have to make a great deal of noise breaking in to that room, and that will hopefully put them off.

Having a deadlock fitted is not that expensive. Check with your local locksmith to see whether one can be fitted to your door, because not all doors, especially the hollow ones, are suitable.

Stay Safe Over Christmas

timer by Rocket Locksmith
timer by Rocket Locksmith

I’ll be away from home for a few days over the Christmas break, but like everyone else, I want to make sure that my home is safe and secure. Whilst it is very difficult to prevent a determined burglar even when you have high security locks installed on your doors and windows, there are some things you can do to help.

We spoke to our local Locksmith to get a few tips on staying secure and we’ll be publishing some of those tips in the coming weeks, here’s the first thing they said.

Go to your local DIY store and buy a pack of three timers, they should only cost about £10 for a pack, and we find the manual rather than digital ones the easiest to set up. Place a timer in each of two downstairs rooms and one in a bedroom.  Attach one timer to a standard or table lamp and set it to come on at say, 6am and go off at 8am, then to come on again at 5pm and go off at 11.30pm. Set up another light in a bedroom to come on mid evening for an hour,  then at 11pm for an hour, and also at 6am for an hour. Set the final timer up on a radio downstairs to come on at say 7.30am and to go off at about 11pm. Doing this will mimic the behaviour inside an occupied house.

The main purpose of all this is to discourage any burglars, because they are far more likely to ignore your house because it looks occupied, and try their chance elsewhere. Obviously you may need to adjust these times depending upon the time of year. many thanks to Rocket Locksmith of Bedford for their advice