Choosing an egg laying Chicken

Golden Comet from Cock and Pullet Norfolk
Golden Comet from Cock and Pullet Norfolk

If you are considering keeping chickens in your back garden, you need to make the correct choice i order to enjoy a continuous supply of fresh eggs throughout they ear.

Hybrid breeds are often the very best choice as they have been bred to be hardy and to be prolific egg layers. There are many choices available, and a really good one to consider is the Golden Comet.

The Golden Comet Chicken is a particularly good choices because it doesn’t need a huge amount of care an attention, although it will respond well and be happier if it gets it. This breed is a very strong layer of eggs, producing in excess of 250 medium brown eggs per year. They are a friendly bird, and if given attention, will become part of the family

Further advice, livestock and supplies can be obtained from Norfolk Chicken Specialists Cock and Puller.


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