Tulips for Lunch

Tulips from Cottonbuds Florists Northampton
Tulips from Cottonbuds Florists Northampton

Tulips are a great favourite, and of course you can buy Tulips at Cottonbuds Florists, but you may not know that in the past, Tulips were valued more greatly than gold in The Netherlands, natal home of the Tulip. There was, in fact, a time during the second world war when a shortage of food meant that the Tulip bulb was regularly eaten by the Dutch people, using recipes published by the Netherlands Government. Apparently, Tulip bulbs can be used as a substitute for onions in recipes, though we’re happy just admiring the flower

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Picket Fencing

picket-fencing by Osborn Fencing Milton Keyne
Picket-fencing by Osborn Fencing Milton Keynes

It’s very easy to spot a picket fence; they are generally constructed with finished vertical timber slats, each of which has either a round or pointed top. The slats are spaced evenly and are typically just under one metre high. Picket fencing is for normally used for decorative rather than security purposes,  however, it does provide a useful boundary for protecting children and pets. The fencing is commonly painted white, but cab be left in a natural finish.

Picket fencing represents a good choice as a decorative boundary solution where privacy and security are not the key requirements. Picket fencing is relatively inexpensive and simple to install with pre-prepared panels being available for fiing to the front of 75mm  weather treated fence posts.

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Why Travertine?

Tumbled Travertine from Tub Bathrooms Bedford

So what exactly is Travertine? Travertine is actually a type of Limestone (not Marble, as many people think). It comes naturally in a range of very autumnal creams through to reddish colours. These colours are caused by iron and other impurities in the material as it forms When fitted, it has a very natural, textured look due to slight colour and pattern variations

You’ll often know it’s Travertine because the surface is generally pitted on the surface, the result of bubbles forming in the material as it was formed; though these puts can be polished out.

People often use Travertine in bathroom  floor tiling applications, but there are also quite suitable for walls, however, wherever they are used, they need to be sealed once they are installed, because the surface is porous. You’ll notice that Travertine feels softer under foot than other limestones (including Marble; Yes, that’s a Limestone too) so it gives a warm luxurious feel

The colour and texture of Travertine make it a little more subdued than Marble, but for a sense of style and warmth, it is unbeatable.

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Localised security

Deadbolt from Rocket Locksmith

This article was provide by Rocket Locksmiths Bedford

When we are away from home, even during the day, our homes can be at risk from break-in.

We’ve spoken many times about the need to secure the home, and there are many inexpensive ways to fool and deter would be burglars by taking steps in and around the home. Most of those steps, however, involve preventing entry into the home, however, it’s worth considering some localised security.

When someone breaks into the home, it can be a very unpleasant experience, and many people report feeling violated by what has happened. Often, this effect on your well-being can be one of the costliest outcomes of the event, however, it can often lead to the loss of valuables which can never be replaced, or for which you receive an inadequate payout from your insurers (if you have insurers).

It is worth considering another approach to help prevent the financial loss, and we would suggest localised security. When you are away from home, consider keeping your valuables in one particular upstairs room of the house, and have a quality deadlock fitted to the door of that room. Yes, a deadlock on an interior door.

Because your upstairs rooms are more inaccessible, they can only feasibly be broken into from inside the house (unless the burglar is bringing a ladder, which is unlikely). If you have a deadlock fitted, the burglar is probably going to have to make a great deal of noise breaking in to that room, and that will hopefully put them off.

Having a deadlock fitted is not that expensive. Check with your local locksmith to see whether one can be fitted to your door, because not all doors, especially the hollow ones, are suitable.

Which Flowers to Give?

Which flowers to give - Cottonbuds Florists
Which flowers to give – Cottonbuds Florists

Did you know that certain flowers are associated with months of the year, for example.  if someone’s birthday is in July, their birthday flower is the Airy and Graceful Larkspur which symbolises Lightness and Humour.  To learn more about which flower is associated with each month of the year, take a look at this article by Cottonbuds, Northampton Florists. You can buy flowers in Northampton from Cottonbuds Florists.


Choosing an egg laying Chicken

Golden Comet from Cock and Pullet Norfolk
Golden Comet from Cock and Pullet Norfolk

If you are considering keeping chickens in your back garden, you need to make the correct choice i order to enjoy a continuous supply of fresh eggs throughout they ear.

Hybrid breeds are often the very best choice as they have been bred to be hardy and to be prolific egg layers. There are many choices available, and a really good one to consider is the Golden Comet.

The Golden Comet Chicken is a particularly good choices because it doesn’t need a huge amount of care an attention, although it will respond well and be happier if it gets it. This breed is a very strong layer of eggs, producing in excess of 250 medium brown eggs per year. They are a friendly bird, and if given attention, will become part of the family

Further advice, livestock and supplies can be obtained from Norfolk Chicken Specialists Cock and Puller.


A Poinsettia is not just for Christmas!

Year round Poinsettia - Cottonbuds Florists
Year round Poinsettia – Cottonbuds Florists

A poinsettia plant is a popular Christmas gift due to it being a winter blooming plant. But there’s no reason to get rid of it after Christmas. With the correct care, you can keep it all year round.

During the Christmas period, keep it close to a window, allowing it to get as much winter sun as possible, and make sure the temperature doesn’t drop below around 19-20 c. The plant should be watered thoroughly when it feels dry and should be sprayed with a water mist daily.

What about through the rest of the year?

Up until the end of March, mist it and treat just as you did over Christmas

By the time you get into April, reduce the amount of watering, allowing it to get a little drier and after a few weeks, move it to a cooler spot in the home

In May time, trim the plant back to less than 6inches above the soil level and re-pot it into a slightly larger container, adding some slow release fertiliser and place it back in a warmer sunnier spot, misting it daily.

Come June, you can move your poinsettia outside into a sunny location and after a month or so, trim back the stems by a couple of centimetres to encourage it to become bushy

For late summer ensure it is regularly watered and misted. Bring it back inside come October.

To encourage the development of buds, move the plant to a totally dark area from early evening until morning, move it back to a sunny spot during the day

By November, you can stop the overnight darkness treatment and leave it in a warm sunny spot in the house.

Continue watering and misting and your Poinsettia should bloom again for Christmas

Article by Northampton Florists Cottonbuds.