Picket Fencing

picket-fencing by Osborn Fencing Milton Keyne
Picket-fencing by Osborn Fencing Milton Keynes

It’s very easy to spot a picket fence; they are generally constructed with finished vertical timber slats, each of which has either a round or pointed top. The slats are spaced evenly and are typically just under one metre high. Picket fencing is for normally used for decorative rather than security purposes,  however, it does provide a useful boundary for protecting children and pets. The fencing is commonly painted white, but cab be left in a natural finish.

Picket fencing represents a good choice as a decorative boundary solution where privacy and security are not the key requirements. Picket fencing is relatively inexpensive and simple to install with pre-prepared panels being available for fiing to the front of 75mm  weather treated fence posts.

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