Lap Panel Fencing

lap panel fencing from Osborns
Lap panel fencing from Osborn Fencing Milton Keynes

Planning a new fence? One of the simplest types of fence for the DIY  types is the Lap Panel variety. Ready made and straightforward to fit, they come in a huge variety of styles. Osborn Fencing of Milton Keynes explain more about lap panel fencing and what to look out for. Follow this link to read about lap panel fencing.

Fencing for your garden

Lap Panel fencing from Osborns

There are many types of fencing suitable for the garden, we take a quick look at one of the most popular types of fencing which is Lap Panel.

The panels are generally made up of a frame containing horizontal boards. Whilst they are not quite as sturdy as close board fencing, they tend to be cheaper and much simpler to install.

For a full description of lap Panel fencing and how to install it, visit this article by Osborn Fencing on Milton Keynes